Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Godzilla

I am a few days late writing this, but I guess better late than never. You turned 3 5 days ago. You really love Curious George right now. I bought you a stuffed toy Curious George which has already been lost in the disaster of yours and Ava's bedroom.

Mommy also made you a cupcake cake that had a small George plastic figurine on it. We went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate your birthday. I bought you a small kitten toy that walks. Your Aunt Fiki and your cousins came as well. Your aunt bought you a pink Chuck E. Cheese cape, blow up princess crown, and a cup. You had a really great time.

Over the weekend mommy made you 2 pillowcase dresses. You informed me they were part of your "Happy Happy"...if you say so. Your wore the monster 1 to school today.

Mother's day was this past Sunday. Your preschool helped you make me a paper flower card with your hand and a picture frame that sticks to the fridge. We went to Olive Garden and you threw the mother of all tantrums to the point of daddy having to remove you from the building  before the food came out. You kicked over a chair and kicked old people as he carried you out.

To say the least your Terrible 2'a have smoothly entered into the Terrible 3's.

I'm still your favorite person. Usually the only 1 that can get you to calm from your fits. You still want me to hold you all the time and you try to make me feed you.

We got a dog last week. His name is Stan. He came from the animal shelter and his last owner must habe really loved him. He plays fetch already and shakes your hand. You are absolutely thrilled with him.

Even though you are a stinky monster who runs naked most of the time, I cherish every moment with you. I love you and look forward to many more birthdays with you.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


I can't believe you are almost 3 years old! Just a few more weeks. You have grown up so much this year. Starting preschool gas done wonders for you. You really like your class and your teacher Ms. Missy. You can count to 20 and 10 in Spanish. You can sing most of the alphabet. You love your mommy. I'm definitely your favorite right now. You prefer mommy over anyone else. Jacob is your favorite sibling. You are so good with him. You sit next to him and play on your tablet or watch videos with him. You take his hands and help him touch the screen. You say tons of words and talk in complete sentences now. You are to smart for your own good. You are definitely still in the prime of the terrible 2's and 3's. You are hard headed and your favorite word is "NO!" You drop to the floor and lay on the floor in protest.  I love you so much. I think we will have a small party for you at Chuck E. Cheese this year.

Easter 2015
Easter Pensacola Beach trip you had 12 rocks in your bottoms and 1 in your top.
When the toddler wants to wear a Santa hat in April...you let them. You got tons of looks from the old people at the doctors office.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Your 2 and I'm a month late writing this.

On your 2nd birthday it was a week day. We picked the kids up from school and we went to the the park to play. We had cupcakes that night and sang to you. You call it "Happy, happy." You also had your 2 year old check up on your birthday. You are 24 lbs and right on track for development. You are still super bad. The Saturday following your birthday we had a small birthday party for you at home with 1 of Ava's friends and your cousins.  You refused closed and ran naked most of the day. I love you so much bad Godzilla baby. You are starting to talk so much but scream a lot as well. You are very naughty....fluffing baby powder, getting into lotin, pulling down curtains...This was just the other day.  You love to "punish" me when I am not paying all my attention to you. You are defiantly mama's girl. I love my Godzilla.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Godzilla

All pictures are from Easter morning and then go back until late February at he State Fair.
Easter morning already dirty and slimy.

Day before Easter at a church event in Auburndale.

You love Jacobs equipment and helping him play with his toys.

See a trend here. You refuse to wear cloths most of the time.  This is you and your brother and sister praying before dinner.

You ran naked outside all day this day and burned your butt. Then you naked baked with mommy in your apron.

Destroying while mommy made bows.

About to pray again. You put your hands out when we sit down and say "hands"

 This was the worst beach day ever it was cold and windy. This was during spring break end of March
We were watching a Frozen you came in with 3 cupcakes initially for yourself.

Spring break fun at The Jump House

 This is what you brought me and insisted on being dressed in this day.
Don't all babies sleep with sling shots?

I made you cute. The cloths never stay on or dirt/stain free for long.

Rainbow Was Not Happy About Forced Nap Time With Hannah.

 Holding your 1st Bunny at the Croft birthday party.
Cow eating your hand at the state fair.

Your 1st fair ride. This was end of February. 


MORE Rainbow love during her forced nap time with you.

Your 1st pony ride at the Croft Birthday Party. This was end of March.